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How to write an autobiography

Nowadays, an autobiography is an essential document that publishers require from an author. Of course, not all and not always (autobiography is not a synopsis), but it is very necessary.

An autobiography is a reference about your life. Surely everyone who buy essay in 3 hours has formally applied for a job sees an autobiography as a pile of sheets with lots of charts and an essay on "How I lived before I got hired." But an autobiography for publishers is a little different from the standard.

The elements of an autobiography are.

1. The first paragraph or "header" of the document: full name, date of birth, registration address, contacts - e-mail and phone numbers.

2. education.

If it is not related to your work, mention it briefly, in a nutshell. If you have a degree in journalism or philology, plus courses, workshops, or training in writing, you should write more about them.

3. Work.

Again - if your former or current employment has nothing to do with creativity, it can be said in a nutshell: yes, I work math homework help as a physicist at the Institute. If your work is connected with writing - you are a journalist or editor - you can say more about it.

4. List of publications - especially book publications. If there are publications, this item is mandatory.

If your novels have been published, detail in which publishers they were published and when.

If you are actively publishing articles or short stories, you can give a small list of recent publications.

The list is in alphabetical order, taking into account the output of all books or articles. The output data are the author's name, book title, publisher, year of publication, circulation, number of pages, ISBN (if any).

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