USA Jump Rope announces endorsement of Inertia Wave!

This past June, Coaches and Jumpers at the 2019 National Jump Rope Camp got the opportunity to meet Dave Parise, inventor of the Inertia Wave and Inertia Wave Duo, and try this great training tool for themselves!

Athletes rely on the precise timing of bodily movements. In contrast, activities that involve smooth and continuous rhythmic movements both improve and increase speed and timing. The Inertia Wave is an effective training tool that is helping people in cross-training for jump rope using core engagement, balance and reactive training, integrated resistance, and cognitive skills. This will benefit jump rope athletes by developing speed, agility and quickness.

Whether you're a competitor, coach, parent, or regularly engage in extremely demanding physical activities, Inertia Wave and Inertia Wave Duo are FOR YOU!

Use promo code USAJUMPROPE when you place your order and USA Jump Rope will receive a donation!

Thank you to Dave and Kevin for coming out and showing our membership how the Inertia Wave can be included in to our jump rope training programs to enhance athletic performance!

USA Jump Rope is excited to endorse this new product!

Check out the Inertia Wave website and place your order today! Make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook for training ideas from other athletes and coaches around the world.


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