NEW! USA Jump Rope Virtual Tournament, Weekly Challenge and Leaderboard

We have a NEW Virtual Tournament open to all USA Jump Rope Members. You can see the full directions at

The first events to be included in this tournament are 30 Second Speed, 1 minute Speed, and 30 Second Double Unders. Final submissions are due by May 15th.

On May 1, we will open submissions for 3 Minute Speed and Triple Unders. Final submissions are due by May 15th.

Athletes can submit as many times as they want to in order to move up in the rankings!

How do I submit my score for the Jump Rope Virtual Tournament? Athletes would need to choose the event(s) they would like to film and send their video to their coach or a certified judge from their team.

  • The Coach/Judge would count the score for the video and submit the athlete’s score through the links on the USA Jump Rope Virtual Tournament web page.

  • The web page gives upload directions and access to event timing files.

  • The Leaderboard will be updated weekly to show the scores submitted. The Leaderboard can be found under the Awards/Results page.

During this time, we will have some fun challenges too!

Every Monday, we will have a new challenge released to be added to the Leaderboard. Participants will have the week to submit their scores and videos (in the same process as the speed and power events). All submissions will be due the following Sunday. We will announce the challenges each week on social media with a demo video featuring the USA Jump Rope All-Star Team members!

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