Letter from the USA Jump Rope Competition Committee Regarding Nationals

The USA Jump Rope Competition Committee met about our plans to move forward with a National Championship in collaboration with the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Junior Olympics in Virginia Beach at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Our plans will be to hold our event after the Jump Rope Junior Olympics July 31-August 4th. Those dates could shorten or change within that time frame. We will have a better idea once we know the directives from the state of Virginia, AAU and National Government/CDC. We will be working in phases for planning, but want to keep our membership up to date so you can practice on what we know we will be able to do.

Right now, we are looking at the following competition events based on the phases shown below. The competition will consist of all the events in Phase 1. After June 1st, we will look at adding additional events for Phase 2. 

  • Phase 1: All Individual Speed Events and Single Freestyle Events (30 second speed, single rope speed (1 minute), 30 second double unders, 3 minute speed, Triples, single rope freestyle)

  • Phase 2: We will send out an update June 1st. We will make a decision on additional events based on the directives we receive from the AAU and the State of Virginia.

Rest assured that we have safety modifications put into place to make sure we are in compliance with social distancing and safety for all. If it is deemed that holding such an event is not feesbile, we will alert our members right away. 

We hope to see you there! Keep up the good work on practicing for your single events and remain hopeful that things improve for our country and Nation in the next few months.

Please stay healthy and safe!


USA Jump Rope Competition Committee

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