2020 Virtual Nationals Update

Dear USA Jump Rope Members,

We sent you our exciting announcement about 2020 Virtual Nationals and this is a follow up with more information. This document will focus on the events, event fees and registration deadlines. A document will be sent about exact filming requirements and video upload instructions next week. We ask you to reference our website (usajumprope.org) under the Events tab 2020 Virtual Nationals for continued updates, documents, forms and information. We will send eblast alerts as well, but if you want a quick reference to anything that we have sent or announced, you can do that quickly through our website. Remember, if you have already paid your regional fees, we are happy to credit those fees towards your 2020 Virtual Nationals fees.

What are the Requirements to Compete?

All competitors must be a current USA Jump Rope Member. This is a requirement for any events, whether in person, at your home, team gym, etc. This is for all competitors to be covered under our Secondary Accidental Insurance Policy. Membership for competitors is $48 and you can register on our website if you are not a current member. If you are a non-competitor member and want to compete, no problem, just go to the Upgrade option on our website and you can upgrade to a competitor membership.

What is the Fee Structure for Virtual Nationals?

Option 1:

$100 fee to compete in all six (6) events which includes:

  • 30 Second Speed

  • 30 Second Double Unders

  • 1 Minute Speed

  • 3 Minute Speed

  • Triples (15+) or 30 Second Criss-Crosses (14 and under)

  • Single Rope Freestyle

*Note, if you have already paid your Regional fee, you will owe $50 for the full tournament.

Option 2:

$20 per event of your choice. You can choose 1-5 events under this option.

Option 3:

$50 Regional fee credit for Nationals. If you have already paid your Regional fee and would like a credit towards Nationals, you simply pay the difference for the full Nationals events ($50) or the difference for the events you want to compete. For example, 2 ½ events are covered by your $50 Regional fee, so if you want to compete in three events, you pay an additional $10 and so on.

What is the Registration Due Date?

Registrations are due by June 30th. We will send online registration links by June 5th and you are welcome to register at that time. We will need time to process registrations in a timely manner and set up your team upload folders for your videos, so we would really appreciate your support in getting your registrations in by the due date. REMEMBER, if you have paid a Regional fee and have not received a refund, we are happy to apply your Regional fees to your Virtual Nationals fees. Just email us at info@usajumprope.org or call us at 936-295-3332.

The Proposed Timeframe Changed for Video Uploads!

We have changed the timeframe, but this is a benefit to our athletes. Once you have registered and we have processed your events a link will be sent for you to upload your videos. We originally had our upload dates starting July 13th but would like you to be able to get started sooner, so that date has been moved up to July 6th for uploads to begin. You will be able to upload until July 19th. This is a little earlier than proposed because we want to allow our judges plenty of time to judge your events.

Watch Party!!

Your events will be featured on our YouTube Channel during the viewing time once the events are judged. We will announce the winners in a Virtual Awards Ceremony and medals will be mailed for 1-3 place. We will give everyone their age division and a list of heats so you, your family and friends can view you competing. Everyone can log on and watch from the safety of their homes!

We hope you will join us! We have never done anything like this before, but we want to see YOU compete along with other athletes from around the USA and beyond. We may not be together in person, but we will be together in our hearts and virtually!



Marian Fletcher, Executive Director

Pam Evans, President

USA Jump Rope

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