USA Jump Rope is extremely excited to host the 2020 Virtual Nationals to celebrate our 25th Anniversary! You will be able to compete from your home, local gym if your state allows practices or anywhere suitable that works for you. The events will need to be filmed with our timing tracks heard clearly in the background and uploaded to a specific website we will provide. 


There will be a time frame for filming and uploading your events, a time frame for judges to judge and enter scores and a week of scheduled events for athletes, family, and friends to watch pre-recorded events. A virtual awards ceremony will happen after all events are shown. There will be drawings and giveaways during the viewing week!

Watch Party!

Your events will be featured on our YouTube Channel during the viewing time once the events are judged. We will announce the winners in a Virtual Awards Ceremony and medals will be mailed for 1-3 place. We will give everyone their age division and a list of heats so you, your family and friends can view you competing. Everyone can log on and watch from the safety of their homes!

Watch Party Heat Sheets

Event Timeline:

The tentative time frame is:

  • July 5 - Registration deadline (extended)

  • July 6-19 – Submission/uploading events

  • July 20-August 1 – Judging

  • August 3-9 – Viewing and Winner Announcements


The events offered will be:

  • 30 Second Speed

  • Single Rope Speed

  • 30 Second Double Unders

  • 3 Minute Speed

  • Triples (Ages 15 and older)

  • NEW EVENT: 30 Second Criss-Crosses (Ages 14 and under)

  • Single Rope Freestyle 

25th Anniversary Merchandise
USA Jump Rope is selling 25th Anniversary Commemorative T-shirts, Tack Pins and Booklets (like the Nationals Program). Registered Competitors will receive a 25th Anniversary Commemorative Tack Pins that will be shipped to their coach or team representative. Orders for the other items can be added to the competitor's registration or purchased through the online store by clicking here
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Advertise your Jump Rope Team Website or Business with an Ad in our 25th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet

or place an Ad as a Special Message or encouraging words for your jumper or team!

These souvenir quality Booklets will be approximately 50-60 pages in length, featuring Team Photos, competitors' names, event information, schedules, Sponsor Information, USA Jump Rope Record Holders, history and much more!

This is a great opportunity to advertise your team, your business and related products in this publication! All Ads will need to be submitted camera ready in JPEG format (300 dpi if possible) by email to If ordering a Commemorative Booklet, make sure to include your personalized message with your order before submitting. 

Please order and submit your Ads and Special Messages for Jumpers no later than June 30, 2020.

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Speed and Power Event Requirements

Speed and Power Event rules will be similar to the onsite rules, with the following updates:

  • No spacing requirements

  • Athletes can only submit one video per event

    • Video must have the USA Jump Rope timing track clearly audible

    • For the NEW 30 Second Criss-Crosses Event, when filming, use the timing track for 30 Second Double Unders or 30 Second Speed

    • No second attempt submissions will be accepted No editing, no wording, no music

  • Film in portrait mode with the camera focused straight on the athlete

    • Do not angle camera up or down

    • Athletes must be in the frame the entire time.

    • Person filming the athlete can either stay stationary or move with the athlete if the spin to insure the best possible judging for each athlete.

  • Submitted videos must be newly filmed and not used from another online competition.

  • Current National records cannot be broken in the Virtual National Tournament.

Single Rope Freestyle Requirements:

Single Rope Freestyle rules will be similar to the onsite rules, the following updates:

  • Spatial requirement will be awarded to all athletes regardless of ability to move in area where freestyle will be completed.

  • Athletes must film in landscape mode.

    • Do not angle camera up or down

    • Athletes must be in the frame the entire time.

  • No editing, no wording, no music

  • Athletes can only submit one video

    • Video must have the USA Jump Rope timing track clearly audible

    • No second attempt submissions will be accepted

What are the Requirements to Compete?

All competitors must be a current USA Jump Rope Member. This is a requirement for any events, whether in person, at your home, team gym, etc. This is for all competitors to be covered under our Secondary Accidental Insurance Policy. Membership for competitors is $48 and you can register on our website if you are not a current member. If you are a non-competitor member and want to compete, no problem, just go to the Upgrade option on our website and you can upgrade to a competitor membership. 

USA Jump Rope Membership Registration

What is the Fee Structure for Virtual Nationals?

Option 1: 

$100 fee to compete in all six (6) events which includes:

30 Second Speed

30 Second Double Unders

1 Minute Speed

3 Minute Speed

Triples (15+) OR 30 Second Criss-Crosses (14 and under)

Single Rope Freestyle

*Note, if you have already paid your Regional fee, you will owe $50 for the full tournament.


Option 2:

$20 per event of your choice. You can choose 1-5 events under this option.


Option 3:

$50 Regional fee credit for Nationals. If you have already paid your Regional fee and would like a credit towards Nationals, you simply pay the difference for the full Nationals events ($50) or the difference for the events you want to compete. For example, 2 ½ events are covered by your $50 Regional fee, so if you want to compete in three events, you pay an additional $10 and so on.

Who will Judge? 

We are asking certified judges to help us for Virtual Nationals! You will be able to judge/click from the comfort of your own home! Click the link below to register to judge. Thank you for volunteering your time!

Click here to Sign Up to Judge Virtual Nationals 

If you are not currently certified to judge, you can now do your judge certification online!

Click here for more information on judge certification

Reference Material:


Timing Track Files:
Single Rope SpeedUSAJR
30 Second SR PowerUSAJR
60 Second SR SpeedUSAJR
Three Minute SpeedUSAJR
Triple UndersUSAJR
Freestyle EventsUSAJR